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Valuing and promoting the beer market, with this objective the Brazilian Beer Week was born. During this period, some of the main events of the segment in the country and in the world take place. The Comenda da Cerveja Brasileira, the CBC - Concurso Brasileiro de Cervejas, the largest in the world in independent beers, the Conib - International Congress of Beer, the Brazilian Beer Fair and to close the Brazilian Beer Festival. All this happening in Blumenau, the Brazilian Capital of Beer.


Brazilian Festival da Beer

The event is one of the main promoters of the beer culture in Brazil, consolidated as the most important in the country. There were several achievements, stories and results that put the Brazilian Beer Festival at the highest level of brewing events in the world! There are more than 1 thousand products in more than 100 styles, in a true immersion in the universe of Brazilian craft beer. In 2022, approximately 28,000 people passed through the Vila Germanica Park pavilions, packed with lots of craft beer and lots of music.
Brazilian Beer Contest

The Brazilian Beer Contest is one of the largest in the world. In 2022, the competition had 3,635 samples submitted from 537 breweries in 21 states in the country, the highest number in ten editions. The aim is for the Brazilian Beer Contest to support the evolution of Brazilian products.


The event's program runs from Saturday to Monday with the evaluation of the samples and on Tuesday it ends with a big award night, a show apart.

Brazilian Beer Fair

The Brazilian Beer Fair appeared in 2016, in parallel with the already established Brazilian Beer Festival, and also with the Brazilian Beer Contest. The objective of the initiative was to bring the breweries already present at the festival closer to the manufacturers and producers of inputs and equipment.


It was so successful that, throughout its history, the event has already received hundreds of national and international exhibitors.

CONIB - International Beer Congress

Another newcomer in 2022, Conib came to complement the cycle of events, providing opportunities for professionals in the sector to search for new knowledge in the field of science and also marketing.


Speakers from all over the world will be here to present their cases and allow the exchange of knowledge. In 2023, the congress takes place parallel to the Brazilian Beer Fair, a perfect environment prepared for big business.

Brazilian Beer Commendation

Event created in 2022, is what opens the series of events. A dinner involving renowned professionals from the brewing market, as well as the complete panel of judges of the CBC, Concurso Brasileiro de Cervejas, around 120 experts from various countries.


The commendation is a tribute to those who make a difference in the beer market, spreading the beer culture and promoting Brazilian beer throughout the world. In 2022, 5 were honored.

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