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The Blumenauense Association of Tourism, Events and Culture (Ablutec) is a non-profit organization whose objective is to promote culture, encourage and hold events such as festivals, fairs and congresses. The aim is to encourage tourism and the economic strengthening of the city.


The board of directors is composed of six entities: 

- Association of Hunting and Shooting Clubs of Blumenau;
- Blumenau and Vale European Convention & Visitors Bureau;
- Union of Hotels, Bars, Restaurants and Similar of Blumenau and Region (Sihorbs);
- Blumenau Retail Trade Union (Sindilojas);
- Cultural Association of Vila Germanica;


Currently, there are five events in the portfolio, with more than 370 thousand people impacted per year.


The history of Ablutec began with an intense involvement with the beer market. In 2008, the entity held for the first time the Brazilian Beer Festival, a milestone for the sector in Brazil. That year, there were 318 beverage factories in the country. Today, the number exceeds one thousand and it is known that the event had a great impact on the dissemination of information about the sector. In order to expand the program and meet the movement of the segment, the Brazilian Beer Contest and the Brazilian Beer Fair were created in the following years. The program also contributed to the title of Blumenau (SC) as the Brazilian Capital of Beer, in 2017, through a Federal Law. 


From 2013 onwards, Ablutec also became responsible for two events on special dates for families. At Osterdorf – Vila de Páscoa, a structure recalls the traditions of German immigrants, in addition to providing experiences for children and adults related to the theme.


Magia de Natal is one of the biggest seasonal events in the country, attracting an audience of over 250,000 people. A mega structure with decoration, characters, parades and activities promote an immersion in the playful and charming universe of Christmas. 


Still to value gastronomy, in 2017 Ablutec started the journey of a new event, Sabores de Santa Catarina. In it, restaurants and chefs look more closely at the ingredients and products of the state so that the public can value these items in unique presentations. 


Develon da Rocha


Blumenau and Vale European Convention & Visitor Bureau

Cleber Roberto Waldrich

VP Director

Marcio Sergio Salvador Rodrigues

Financial Administrative Director

Sindilojas - Retail Trade Union of Blumenau

Tatiana Honczaryk

Director of Events, Culture, Tourism and Sport

SIHOBRS - Employers' Union of Hotels, Restaurants, Bars and Similar in Blumenau and Region

Anderson Weber

Secretary Director

Association of Hunting and Shooting Clubs of Blumenau


Joao Henrique Pires Reinhardt

Raquel da Silva

Celito Geraldo

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